Fish Bowl Formula

by admin on December 20, 2012

Jody Underhill Fish Bowl Formula

Fish Bowl Formula


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Program Name: Fish Bowl Formula

Program Author: Jody Underhill

Price: $97.00

Refund Policy: Unconditional 30 Days.

A Top-Notch Local Marketing System Just Launched!

December 19, 2012 – Jody Underhill, a famous local business marketer, has just launched one of the best and simplest marketing systems the world has seen so far. This system is called Fish Bowl Formula and can be tried by anyone eager to reach financial freedom.

Jody Underhill, the creator of Fish Bowl Formula, runs a six-figure local marketing business from the comfort of his home in Grenville, South Carolina. He does something different that other local business marketers, because he doesn’t do SEO, neither use social marketing or Google Places. His business is much simpler.

He started learning business by buying a course online (I’m guessing it’s Main Street Marketing Machines by Mike Koenigs), but he didn’t managed to get what really matters: clients. He tried everything from emails, postcards, telemarketing and even cold-calling, but he barely managed to attract a few clients. His life radically changed in a restaurant when he discovered that regular business owners don’t want and don’t need SEO to survive. They need something more different that won’t break their budget and will allow them to keep their head above water in these daunting economic times. This is how Fish Bowl Formula was born.

This tremendous local marketing system is quite simple, because anyone can use it for maximum results. This course is all about sequence, results and earning trust. Marketers and people who want to try it will soon discover how to keep local clients with 0 fear of rejection. Using this breakthrough method of promotion, Jody observed the following benefits:

  • - Getting clients is as easy as going to eat out.
  • - his base fees average over $300 per month.
  • - He works less than 30 minutes a month.
  • - His delivery cost in nearly 0.
  • - Clients stay an average of 2.3 years.
  • - Clients love him, because he delivers fast results.

Soon, he developed fishbowl systems for 23 niches, including dry cleaners, restaurants, cosmetic surgeons, apartment complexes, auto repair, insurance brokers and even night clubs. This system works 100%, because the author perfected it after years of research. Now, the Fish Bowl Formula is the most powerful client getting system on earth. Featuring seven powerful interactive modules, this tool is far more advanced than any other marketing system on the market. These modules are:

  1. The Big Idea. This first module is an overview of the system presented in simple terms.
  2. The 9 Fishbowls. The author showcases 9 different versions of the fishbowl for different businesses and services.
  3. My 3 Door Busters. The user can discover 3 useful methods to attract new customers without ticking off a business owner or an employee.
  4. The 6 Best Sellers. Each business on earth will want these services after tasting the power of Fish Bowl Formula.
  5. 4 Fishing Methods. Unveils four key methods for collecting up to 20x more cards in his client’s fishbowls.
  6. The 2 Way Stick. Best strategies to keep a client for years, not just for a few months.
  7. Big 10 Add-Ons. Another 10 unique services provided to customers, once they are happy with Fish Bowl Formula.

Each new client who tries this system, risk free, will get a few valuable bonuses, including Jody’s personal paperwork, pre-written emails, SMS texts and even vendors. This tremendous system called Fish Bowl Formula comes at a great value of only 2 x $47 = $94.


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Local Marketing Strategies

by admin on December 20, 2012

Offline Marketing Ideas

Local business means that you will be needing customers who are local and you need to figure out ways to attract these clients to your business easily and effectively. Local online marketing is the single most necessary strategy these days to ensure that you get to increase your client base to the maximum and see your business thrive. Since this is the age of a cut throat competition you need that very important traffic into your website or domain which will pitchfork the ranking of your business. Local online marketing is the first and the foremost of all the local marketing strategies.

Internet is the tool on which most of the people rely heavily these days for gathering information or even for buying products. Local internet marketing is the tool which will help all the entrepreneurs be it the small time investors or any top business acts to help the client base in locating the products or services. Business online with the help of the local search will provide an easy way for the masses to search and find your local business easily.

Local online marketing starts off with the establishment of your own website or blog. For people who do not know how to go about setting up the website you need to outsource it so that your customers can avail the online store. There are a large number of marketing strategies that you can put to use if you are interested in local online marketing. These are listed as follows:

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the tool which ensures that your website graces the top of the search results when searched through by the local search engines like that of the Google or the MSN. Without a good SEO your website will remain languishing at the bottom of the search results which will not help your cause in any way whatsoever.
  • Article writing: good quality articles through article writing will ensure that the word spreads about your local business and people get aware of it. Articles that will have the links to your website you allow you to increase traffic into your site.
  • Social networking: Social networking is another important tool which will help you to take your client relation to a much more personal level with the help of the social networks.
  • Blogging: Blogging is one of the main stays of the local internet marketing as this will provide your customers about your products and services. The more the number of people will be aware of your business you can be rest assured that the word of mouth will attract more customers and you can thrive on the increased client base.

It is very essential that if are into local marketing with the help of the local online marketing you have to make sure that you interact with your clients. Interaction is very important to provide the clients with confidence so that they can willingly hand you over their money.




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